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HARMAR SOCCER CLUB                    
2003 Fall Season
U10 Girls U10G2 SHARKS
Date 6-Sep 13-Sep 20-Sep 27-Sep 4-Oct 11-Oct 18-Oct 25-Oct G9 G10 Totals
Opponent Knoch1 Freeport4 Kiski3 Highlands2 Freeport1 Highlands3 Highlands1 High-Tour      
Where Home Away Away Home Away Home Home Away      
Time 9:30 1:30 10:30 9:30 1:30 9:30 9:30 TBA      
Shirt White Blue Blue White Blue White White Both      
HARMAR 5 3 5 6 11 6 36
Opponent 4 0 0 0 1 1 6
DERRINGER KAYLEE 90 2     2 1           5
GEDRAITIS KRYSTEN 86       1   1         2
GILMARTIN ERIN 71 1 1 3 2 5 2         14
HOLMES MARY 80         2           2
PAUL SHELBY 8     1   1           2
RONEY ERICA 14   2       1         3
RONEY ELIZABETH 15                     0
SARSFIELD MARISSA 10 2   1 1 1 1         6
WATTERSON KIMBERLY 83                     0
ZASTAWNIAK BRITTANY 1         1 1         2
Coaches: Carol & JP Sarsfield (724)274-6404 or
Notes:  Please arrive at field at least 20 minutes before scheduled start time.
Bring both blue and white jerseys to all games.
Game 1 Results
The Sharks started the season with a close game with Knoch1. Harmar took an early 3-0 lead with goals from Marissa Sarsfield, Kaylee Derringer, and Erin Gilmartin. But Knoch came roaring back with 3 goals of thier own. Great defensive play by Mary Holmes and Krysten Gedraitis along with some incedible stops by Kimberly Watterson held back a strong Knoch offensive push and kept the game tied at the half 3-3. In the second half Kaylee Derringer scored her second goal off a pass from Brittany Zastawniak to go up 4-3. Knoch scored shortly after to tie the game again at 4-4. With just 1 minute left in the game Marissa Sarsfield scored the game winner. Harmar Sharks win their first game 5-4.
Game 2 Results
The Sharks looked tough in week 2. Great defense marked the tone of the game. Mary Holmes and Krysten Gedraitis put up a wall in front of Kim Watterson in the first half. Freeport also played tough with good goal tending turning away shot after shot. Erin Gilmartin scored the only goal of the first half to give Harmar the lead. In the second half Erica Roney had a break out game on offense with two unassisted goals. Freeport was held to only one shot in the second half. Harmar 3, Freeport 0.
Game 3 Results
The Sharks maintained their winning ways this week at an away game in Kiski. Shelby Paul started the scoring with the first goal of her U10 career. Marissa Sarsfield also scored early in the first half. Erin Gilmartin put on a ball handling show throughout the game and racked up 3 goals for herself. Again this week strong defensive play by Mary Holmes, Kimmy Watterson, and Krysten Gedraitis helped to hold Kiski to just two shots. Brittany Zastawniak made two diving saves in goal to preserve the shutout. Harmar Sharks 5, Kiski 0.
Game 4 Results
Another Sharks WIN. 6-0
Game 5 Results
On a wet field in early October, the Sharks explode with Offense with a capital O. Led by Erin Gilmartin who scored 5 goals, Sharks goal scorers included Brittany Zastawniak, Kaylee Derringer, Shelby Paul, Marissa Sarsfield, and Mary Holmes who had 2 goals of her own. Kim Watterson, Erica Roney, Kaylee Derringer, and Marissa Sarsfield each scored assists. The final score. Harmar Sharks 11, Freeport 1
Game 6 Results
Relentless offense and stingy defense set the tone for another Sharks win against Highlands. Erin Gilmartin led the scoring again with 2 goals. Marissa Sarsfield, Erica Roney, and Britanny Zastawniak each scored, and Krysten Gedraitis finally netted her first goal of the season. Kaylee Derringer had two assists. Highlands was held to just 4 shots and 1 goal. Harmar Sharks 6, Highlands 1
Game 7 Results
Game 8 Results