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HARMAR SOCCER CLUB                    
2003 Spring Season
Date 5-Apr 25-Apr 19-Apr Resched 3-May 10-May 17-May       Totals
Opponent Freeport 2 Freeport 4 Kiski 3 Kiski 1 Freeport 3 TriCity 2 Highlands Tournament        
Where Away Home Home Away Away Home Away        
Time 12:30 6:00 3:00 Resched 1:30 9:15 9:00        
HARMAR 3 4 4 1 1 13
Opponent 4 6 1 6 13 30
DERRINGER KAYLEE #   1                 1
GILMARTIN ERIN # 1                   1
HAY SHAINA 66                     0
HOLMES MARY #                     0
LEATHERS PRISCILLA #                     0
LUBIC KRISTA #                     0
PARKS HANNAH # 1 3 2               6
SARSFIELD MARISSA 10     2 1 1           4
SEILER STEPHANIE #                     0
UDANIS JESSICA 35 1                   1
ZASTAWNIAK BRITTANY 1                     0
Coaches: Carol & JP Sarsfield (724)274-6404 or
Notes:  Please arrive at field at least 15 minutes before scheduled start time.
Bring both blue and white jerseys to all games.
April  5th
The Harmar Sharks got off to slow start today, giving up 3 unaswered goals in the first 10 minutes of the game. But the girls fought back with goals from Hanna Parks and Erin Gilmartin and a strong defensive showing from Jessica Udanis and Kaylee Derringer to bring the score to 3-2 at half time. Defense was the name of the game in the second half, Stephanie Seiler shined on defense and Erin Gilmartin had 5 excellent saves in goal. Freeport's defense was tough giving up only one goal to Jessica Udanis on a pass from Marissa Sarsfield. Freeport scored once in the second half and held on to beat the Sharks 4-3.
April 19th
U10Girls - Sharks - Sarsfield -vs Kiski
The Sharks won their first game this weekend to bring their record to 1-1. The team got over their opening day jitters and played a solid game all around. A strong offensive push and early goal by Hanna Parks started the scoring, but Kiski came back quickly with a breakaway and a goal of their own. That goal would be their last. Great defensive play by Krista Lubic, Jessica Udanis, and Stephanie Seiler shutdown any Kiski offense. Rookie U10er Marissa Sarsfield had two goals and rookie Brittany Zastawniak recorded an assist. Hanna Parks scored again in the second half. Harmar 4, Kiski 1
April 25th
U10Girls - Sharks - Sarsfield -vs Freeport
The Sharks played a tough team this week in Freeport4 and suffered their second loss of the season. Freeport jumped out to an early 3-0 lead. Hanna Parks scored just before the end of the first half to get Harmar on the board. Harmar scored three more times in the second half with Hanna getting the hat trick and Cayley Derringer getting one. Even with these goals and outstanding keeper play by Stephanie Sieler, Freeport was able to maintain their lead. Final score, Freeport 6, Harmar 4
April 29th
U10Girls - Sharks - Sarsfield -vs Kiski
The Sharks came up short vs Kiski on a Tuesday night makeup game. Marissa Sarsfield scored in the first half and the game was close at the half with Kiski leading by 2-1. In the second half the Harmar defense broke down allowing a number of breakaway goals. Final score Kiski 6, Hamar 1.
May 3rd
U10Girls - Sharks - Sarsfield -vs Freeport
We learned how to spell "OUCH" with capital letters this week. It was like the Sharks were playing up hill and back at their goal had the "Hoovers" on.(a Hoover is a sweeper for those who don't get it). Harmar had only one goal scored by Marissa Sarsfield and let's just say too many goals for Freeport. Final Score: Freeport 13, Harmar 1 "OUCH"