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HARMAR SOCCER CLUB                    
2004 Fall Season
Date 11-Sep 18-Sep 25-Sep 2-Oct 9-Oct 16-Oct 23-Oct 30-Oct G9 G10 Totals
Opponent Highlands Tricity Highlands BYE Knoch Kiski Freeport Tricity      
Where Away Away Home --- Home Home Away Away      
Time 10:30AM 2:45PM 9:00AM --- 9:00AM 9:00AM 12:30PM 11:00AM      
Win/Loss W                    
HARMAR 10 5 12 0 0 4 3 5 0 0 39
Opponent 3 0 2 0 0 2 4 1 12
GRADWELL ALEXANDRA 21     2         1     3
KOKOSKI MEGHAN 50                     0
KOKOSKI MELISSA 23                     0
KUBA AMANDA 55 2   1     1         4
LETTERLE JAMIE 56     1       1 1     3
PAUL SHELBY 8 1   2         1     4
SARSFIELD MARISSA 10 3 3 2     3 1 2     14
SEILER ALLISON 22 1   1               2
TONEY HAYLEY 47 1   1               2
WAGNER ANDIE 48             1       1
ZASTAWNIAK BRITTANY 1 2 2 2               6
Coaches: Carol & JP Sarsfield (724)274-6404 or
Notes:  Please arrive at field at least 20 minutes before scheduled start time.
Bring both blue and white jerseys to all games.
Game 1 Results
The Sharks opened the 2004 fall season with all around solid performance this weekend. Led by Marissa Sarsfield(3) and Britany Zastawniak(2), the goals started early and often. U10 rookies Amanda Kuba(2) and Haley Toney(1) also contributed to the overall scoring. Starting goalie Allison Seiler(1) participated in the scoring in the second half with her first goal of the season. Great midfield play by Shelby Paul(1) also produced a goal. The Sharks out shot their opponent 26-5. Every player on the team had shots on goal. Alexandra Gradwell had 3 great shots that just went wide. Jamie Letterle also produced 3 close ones. Andie Wagner had a hard shot in the first half and had some great saves playing goalie in the second half. Meghan Kokoski put on a dribbling clinic on the way to her shots. Melissa Kokoski showed awesome passing and ball control along with Allison Sieler on the prettiest play of the day that resulted in a shot that just missed the goal to the left. Final Score:(Harmar 10, Highlands 3). Way to go Sharks!
Game 2 Results
The Sharks won on a Tuesday, night. Unfortunately the scores were no written down. Still a big win. Good job girls.
Game 3 Results
Sharks on fire…wow…after a sluggish start in the misty moring, the Sharks went goal crazy this weekend racking up 12 goals. Great passing and teamwork was the key to this fine display of soccer skill. 8 different players had goals. Marissa, Britany, Alex, and Shelby each had two and Jamie, Amanda, Haley, and Allie each had a goal. Meghan played well on her first day at keeper with 3 great saves in the second half. Haley Toney gets the extra effort award this week for her goal. She showed everyone what we mean by "follow your shots" by shooting twice on the goalie before she buried her third shot in the net. (Harmar 12, Highlands 2). Keep up the good work Sharks!
Game 4 Results
This was a scheduled BYE week.
Game 5 Results
Scheduling conflict forced this game to be cancelled. It will be rescheduled for another date.
Game 6 Results
After not playing for a couple of weeks the Sharks racked up another win. Led by Marissa Sarsfield's hat trick the Sharks dominated the field on a cold and rainy October morning. Amanda Kuba scored her fourth goal of the season on some great ball handling and determination. After Allison (Twister) Seiler played goal in the first half without a single shot taken, Jamie Letterle made her debut in the 2nd half as keeper with some wonderful saves as Kiski team came alive. Final score Harmar 4 Kisk 2.
Game 7 Results
In a game that looked like it was in the bag, week 7 proved to be the week the Sharks would taste their first loss. Solid defensive play by the whole team and an awesome save by Allison Seiler kept an undefeated Freeport squad out of the net in the first half. Meanwhile goals by Jamie Letterle, Andie Wagner, and Marissa Sarsfield gave Harmar a 3-0 lead at the half. In the second half, things didn't go as well. An minor injury to one of the Sharks tough defense provided an opportunity for Freeport to get off a solid shot that went in. That taste was enough to ingnite a very good Freeport team who then scored two more times on solid shots on goal to tie the game. Melissa Kokoski got a shot passed the goalie that looked like it was in the net, but the referees saw it otherwise when the goalie picked up the ball and put it back into play. Freeport then got another goal to go up by one. The Sharks then controlled the ball for the last 5 minutes of the game with multiple shots and a series of corner kicks, but it just wasn't going to be. The Sharks were shutout in the second half. Final score Harmar 3 Freeport 4. A great game but a disappointing loss.
Game 8 Results
On a muddy field in late October, the Sharks closed the season with a 5-1 victory over TriCity.  Marissa Sarsfield had two goals, one of which was carried from her own 18 to the TriCity goal. Jamie Letterle and Shelby Paul each followed with left footed goals…that's right...left. The final goal of the season was a blast from Alexandra Gradwell through the entire TriCity team who were standing in a line in front of thier goal because of a free kick caused by a handball just outside the goal box. Surprise goalie Missy Kokowski had 4 saves in the 2nd half to preserve the victory for the sharks. Haley Toney gets the mudball award for the game for being the player with the muddiest uniform, and shoes, and face, and hair. Way to go Gumball! Thanks for a great season girls!