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Team U8-1 U8-2 U8-3 U8-4 U8-5 U8-6
Coach Mike Hill John Antoniono Brad Yaksich Bob Henley Terry Lucas Joe Kern
Phone 412828-7883 724-274-4805 724.274.4803 724.274.2825 724.274.6189 724-274-8475
Practice Day & Time Thursday 6:00 F2 Wednesday 6:00   B2 Friday 6:00      B2 Monday 6     B2 Friday  6:00    B1 Thursday 6:00  B2
Halftime Snack
4/9/2005 Aidan Hill Michael Antoniono Milana Yaksich Jillian Henley Maria Lucas Matthew Kern
4/16/2005 Spencer Hurley Shelley Blei Amy Altmeyer Ashlynn Blasco Victoria Bonidie Katie Garrigan
4/23/2005 Natasha Matthews Rachel Crail Gareth Brangan Casey Hughes Brandon Houck Rachel McKaveney
4/30/2005 Rachel McCormick Christopher Fink Marcus Krstonich Phoenix Izzo Tracy Kondrit Erin Sikora
5/7/2005 Ian McCutcheon Christopher Gent Payton Patterson Collin McClaine Lilly Laboy Sam Sinka
5/14/2005 Tarin Mock Kathleen Heilmann Tylere Schreckengost Max Shaginaw Thomas Lyons Taylor Smajda
5/21/2005 Edward Opalko Kaylee McNutt Nathan Smith Jacob Shrader Abigayle Myford Jenna Rose Uncapher
6/4/2005 Haley Perle Alexis Thomm Samantha Terry Alyssa Tocco Christopher Neibar Marshall Utiss
Anya Staniz Timothy Viegas Alyssa Venglish   Alec Richardson Joel Wunnenberg
Game Schedule Time White
4/9/2005 9:00 T3 T4
  10:00 T1 T2
  11:00 T5 T6
4/16/2005 9:00 T2 T5
  10:00 T4 T6
  11:00 T1 T3
4/23/2005 9:00 T6 T2
  10:00 T4 T1
  11:00 T3 T5
4/30/2005 9:00 T3 T6
  10:00 T4 T2
  11:00 T5 T1
5/7/2005 9:00 T1 T3
  10:00 T2 T5
  11:00 T6 T4
5/14/2005 9:00 T3 T2
  10:00 T5 T4
  11:00 T1 T6
5/21/2005 9:00 T2 T6
  10:00 T5 T3
  11:00 T4 T1
6/4/2005 Round Robin Details to be determined at a later date.  
Note:  Please contact your coach if you will not be able to attend a game.      
Game Day Information:  Wear the shirt color indicated but bring the other color to every game.
Half-time snack should be cut up fruit of your choice. 
Small snack for end of game (example: fruit roll up and drink).
U8 Coordinator Sally Hurley 724.274.4171 or
****Coaches if game is cancelled please call Barb Amsler to cancel referees 412.828.3197.