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Harmar Soccer Club

Under-8 Modified Rules & Field Structure




Provide an environment where young players can have fun, develop individual skills and learn the game of soccer.  There will be a separate league for boys and for girls.  The club will make every effort to select even teams at the start of each season.  The rules for the boys and the girls will be the same.



Law I – The field

Length: 40 yards, Width: 35 yards.

The outline of the field will be lined in paint. A Goal Area will be marked with cones: three (3) yards from each goal post and three (3) yards into the field of play joined by a line of cones parallel with the goal line.



Law II – The Ball

Size 3



Law III – Number of Players

Maximum number of players on the field at one time is five (5), including the goal-keeper.  Maximum number of players on the roster should not exceed eight (8). Substitutions may be made by the coach any time the ball is out of play, provided approval is first given by the referee. Each player shall play a minimum of 50% of the total playing time.



Law IV – Players Equipment.

All players must wear shin-guards. No jewelry is allowed. Footwear may be soft-cleated soccer shoes or tennis shoes.



Law V – The referee

One referee will be used. The referee will be a parent, coach, or club referee.  The referee must be at least 10 years old and be at least somewhat knowledgeable of the game.  All rule infractions will be briefly explained to the offending player.



Law VI – Linesman

No linesman used. All calls will be made by the referee.



Law VII – Duration of the Game

Four (4) quarters, eight (8) minutes each.  There will be a 5 minute break at half-time. There will be a 2 minute break between other quarters.



Law VIII – The Start of Play

At the start of the game, the start of each quarter, and after a goal is scored, the play will be started by a kick-off from the center of the field. The team taking the kick at the start of the quarter will change each quarter. The team that concedes a goal will take the kick-off to restart the play. The opposing team players must be 5 yards from the center mark while the kick-off is in progress. The Kick-off will be allowed to go forward or backward. The ball should not be kicked to the other team.



Law IX – Ball in and out of Play

A throw-in will be awarded when the ball goes out of play over the side-line. The throw-in is awarded to the opposing team of  the player who last touched the ball. A goal-kick is awarded when the ball goes out of play over the goal-line on either side of the goals and is last touched by an attacking team player.  A corner-kick is awarded when the ball goes out of play over the goal-line on either side of the goals and is last touched by a defending team player.



Law X – Method of Scoring

A goal is scored when the entire ball crosses over the entire goal-line between the goal-posts.



Law XI – Off-side

There will be no off-side.



Law XII – Fouls and Misconduct

All fouls will be penalized by an indirect free kick. The referee will explain the reason for the call to the player. No cautions or ejections will be issued to players.



Law XIII – Free Kicks

All free kicks will be indirect. The opposing players must be least five (5) yards from the ball.  No kicks will be taken by the attacking team within the defending team’s goal box.  If an infraction occurs inside the goal box, the free kick will be taken from the nearest point on the goal-box line.



Law XIV – Penalty Kicks

No penalty kicks will be taken. See Law XIII comments.



Law XV – Throw-in

A second throw-in will be allowed if the player commits a foul on the initial attempt. The referee shall explain the proper method before allowing the player to re-throw.



Law XVI – Goal Kick

Goal kick may be taken from anywhere within the goal box. Opponents must be a minimum of 5 yards away from the ball.



Law XVII – Corner Kick

Opponents must be a minimum of 5 yards away from the ball.