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HARMAR SOCCER CLUB                    
2005 Spring Season
Date 9-Apr 16-Apr 30-Apr 7-May 10-May 14-May         Totals
Opponent Knoch Highlands Freeport TriCity Freeport Kiski          
Where Home Away Home Away Home Away          
Time 10:30AM 10:30AM 9:00AM 11AM 6PM 11AM          
Win/Loss W W W W L T          
HARMAR 6 5 12 5 1 1 0 0 0 0 30
Opponent 0 2 2 3 3 1 0 0 0 0 11
GRADWELL ALEXANDRA 21   2 2 1             5
KOKOSKI MEGHAN 50     1 1             2
KOKOSKI MELISSA 23                     0
PAUL SHELBY 8 1 1 2 1             5
RONEY ELIZABETH 15     2   1           3
SARSFIELD MARISSA 10 3   2               5
SIKORA EMILY 24     1 1             2
TONEY HAYLEY 47     1     1         2
WHELAN EMMA 3 1 1                 2
ZASTAWNIAK BRITTANY 1 1 1 1 1             4
Coaches: Carol & JP Sarsfield (724)274-6404 or
Notes:  Please arrive at field at least 20 minutes before scheduled start time.
Bring both blue and white jerseys to all games.
Game 1 Results
The Sharks came out the gate hot this spring, winning their first game in a landslide. You could see that these girls have been practicing. Good passing and solid defense. Everyone on the team had good shots on goal. Marissa led the team with 3 goals and Emma, Brit, and Shelby each added one. Good start to the season (Harmar 6, Knoch 0)
Game 2 Results
On another amazingly beautiful day in April the Sharks posted another win. The girls demonstrated their endurance this weekend without any subs to give them a break. Alex had a break out game scoring two goals and having more shots than anyone. Emma, Brit, and Shelby each had goals again this week. Emily and Hayley both played awesome games with good ball handling in the middle and some great shots. (Harmar 5, Highlands 2)
Game 3 Results
Overcast, rainy, and cold. That's nothing for the Sharks. The girls came out quick with goals, goals, and more goals. Everybody on the team played great. Passing was on, the ball handling skills were on, and the shooting was definitely on. (Harmar 12, Freeport 2)
Game 4 Results
The Sharks played a very good team from TriCity this week, but were able hold on to the win after some late pressure. Emily has really come alive in the last two games. She scored the first goal this week and had some awesome shots. Shelby shined with an assist and a goal. Missy and Meghan combined for a Koko combination for a goal. Alex and Brit also added goals. Haley showed off her agressive style in goal. (Harmar 5, TriCity 3)
Game 5 Results
A Tuesday makeup game turned out to be a dissappointment for the girls. Freeport handed the Sharks their first loss of the season. Elizabeth had the only goal for the Sharks. Strong defense kept us in the game, but Freeport also brought a strong defense to the game. (Harmar 1, Freeport 3)
Game 6 Results
A excellent game of soccer was played between the raindrops against a good Kiski team. The Sharks played with no subs and played tough the whole game. The first half saw the Sharks dominate the ball and field of play but come up empty in the goal department. Brit, Alex, and Emily had tons of shots. The game was tied at the half. In the second half, Kiski came alive and demonstrated some offense of their own and scored the first goal of the game. But the Sharks would not settle for that and 30 seconds later Haley scored to tie the game at one each. Kiski had another break away when one of their strong players got behind the defense and got off a hard shot, only to be denied by goal keeper Alex. With about a minute to go Harmar was dominating the ball, but a game stoppage denied what would have been game winner. Final score (Harmar 1, Kiski 1)
Game 7 Results
Game 8 Results